A Southern Island Essay

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A Southern Island is a poem written by Kajetan Kovič. Kovič was a Slovene poet, writer, journalist and translator, best known for his poems. Many consider his poem A southern island as a true masterpiece of classical poetry. The poem could be interpreted in different ways, depending on the reader and their experiences in life. The poem consists of many small metaphors, which all work together to make up a controlling metaphor, which is hidden in the comparison of a southern island.
The poem starts with a southern island. The island is there – very distant, but visible. The speaker describes how it timelessly endures between daybreak and darkness, and suddenly sinks to the bottom. After it sinks, there is a hint that it is lost at the bottom of the sea. But then the water opens again, and the poem ends the same way it started – a southern island is.
Frost talks about a principle that is significant in order to understand this poem, in his piece Education by Poetry. He says: “All metaphor breaks down somewhere. That is the beauty of it. It is touch and go with the metaphor, and until you have lived with it long enough you don’t know when it is going. You don’t know how much you can get out of it and when it will cease to yield. It is a very living thing. It is as life itself.”
We can paraphrase his principle, to make it
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We have set our goals, and even though they feel almost unreachable, we still have hope. Sometimes we believe in achieving them, other times we don’t. But we never let go of our dreams – they timelessly endure. Sometimes you are so close to fulfilling your dreams that you can taste the sweetness of success, but then it slips through your hands and the frustration of failing hurts like putting salt on a fresh wound. You lose your hope and are almost ready to give up on your dreams. But in the end, a new opportunity always arrives, and you know that your goals are in your reach, and you find hope to follow your dreams

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