Literary Analysis : Hills Like White Elephants And The Sleepover

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Formalism The short stories Pilon, Hills Like White Elephants and The Sleepover all focus on the relationships of females to males in various stages of life. By analyzing similarities and differences of the setting, characters and symbols from a formalist standpoint, one can conclude that formalism is able to accurately convey the struggle women face throughout their lives.

The setting of the three stories serves to emphasize the tone of the passages. Both Hills Like White Elephants and Pilon have bright settings that make the scenes that occur feel hazy and dream-like. In Pilon, author Sandra Cisneros nostalgically remembers herself as “a ball of light floating across the planet” as she walks among the streets of Mexico.While light is an abstract idea that many associate with happiness and joy, in this instance, to the author, it represents the time of innocence before a girl realizes how society will truly view her - which is actually a very dark idea. The formalist standpoint typically ignores outside ideas, but the author has brought them into the story herself by stating that there was indeed a time in her life before she knew men were looking at her. In Hills Like White Elephants the setting is also very bright and there are “no shade and no trees” because of the main female character’s inability to hide from the truth of her situation. In this story, two adults with an impersonal relationship are bickering about the female having an operation. It is clear in the…

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