Literary Analysis A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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Register to read the introduction… The grandmother who does not want to take the vacation in Florida is persuading the family. She has read about a crazed killer by the name of the Misfit, who is on the run, heading for Florida. The mambas of her family ignore the grandmother. On the day of the trip, ironically, the grandmother is dressed in her Sunday best. She is decked in white gloves and navy blue dress with matching hat. She is the first one in the car and ready to go. O'Connor is getting the reader to visualize the Southern culture. The grandmother’s purpose of dressing this way is to be recognized as a lady, in case someone saw her dead on the highway. This tells me the grandmother’s thoughts of death are shallow. Later in the story, the Misfit says, "There never was a body that gave the undertaker a tip.” The grandmother’s readiness for death is an indication that she does not want to go where there is a prisoner on the loose. However, her thoughts for death changes when she recognizes the Misfit. As the trip moves on, the children act like brats. O'Connor is illustrating the lost respect for the family and elders. The family's encounter with Red Sammy Butts serves as another way O'Connor expresses how trust and respect have begun to wear away. The grandmother makes the mistake of telling the children the story of a nearby house that has a secret panel. The children scream until the father Bailey gives in and takes them to see the house. On the way down the long windy road that leads to the house, the cat gets out of his cage and jumps on Bailey's shoulder, resulting in the car being overturned. As everyone is getting themselves together, a car with three men approaches. The grandmother recognizes the Misfit at once. The Misfit reveals himself as polite and sociable and even apologizes to the grandmother for Bailey’s rudeness to her. However, the Misfit does not waste any time as he asks one …show more content…
I do see the points that O’Connor was making. She was not saying Misfit was the devil, but that he was a bad seed with something rotten growing in his heart. This story has been called grotesque, but O’Connor preferred to call it literal, and hopes that in the story others should be on the look out for such things as the action of grace in the Grandmother’s soul, and not for the dead bodies. Violence is a force that can be used for good or

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