Literacy Narrative Essay : Literacy

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Literacy Narrative
What is Literacy?Google defines literacy as “the ability to read and write.” Literacy plays a major role in our everyday lives, writing our essays that are due within two days, writing a post on facebook, reading a text message, etc. Everyone experiences literacy in a different way, some experience a struggle, not being able to comprehend the purpose of literacy or avoiding it. and others thrive in it. My experience was somewhat neutral due to the fact that as a child I loathed reading and writing, but as I went on through my education I grew to love it. Elementary school was when my loathe for reading and writing began. I moved away from Texas to California in the second grade. Attending school for the first time in California was frightening. The sight of the school didn’t make me feel secure. The School was mainly a shade of brown with red bricks, the sight of the home of the Cougars was dull. Entering the school office with my mom at my side, somewhat made me feel secure. The office was very plain, the teachers lounge was down the hall with the door wide open, some teachers were on break while their students had recess, the smell coffee and donuts from the lounge managed its way into my nose. I was soon separated from my mom to be escorted to my second grade class. The door was opened by a student, the door said “Welcome to Ms. Travis’s Second Grade Class.” The teacher looked as if she was in a bad mood, she smelled of coffee, and told me where my…

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