Literacy Is A Range Of Modes Of Communication Essay

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Literacy is described as the capacity, disposition and confidence to produce and understand the English language fluently, critically, effectively and creatively used as a range of modes of communication including storytelling, music, visual Arts, drama and media, as well as writing, reading, viewing and writing (Australian Government Department of Education Employment and Work Relations [DEEWR], 2009, p.46). Students with in the Australian Curriculum become literate by developing skills, knowledge and dispositions to understand and utilize language confidently for communicating, learning in the school and participating effectively in the society beyond the school (Australian Curriculum and Assessment Reporting Authority [ACARA], 2015). Literacy in young children is developed by their observations ‘more knowledgeable others’ in their home and the surrounded environments, for example, young children observe others writing and reading for a wide range of purposes, by watching TV programs, making notes and reading instructions during a telephone conversation which In respect, literacy is observed as a social-cultural practice (Raban, 2012) . Today Literacy priorities are not consistent around the world. For example, Australian literacy skills for schools are based on the priority areas of Australian Curriculum such as speaking, reading and writing (ACARA, 2015). However, schools across the world have different literacy priorities recognized by United Nations Education,…

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