Literacy Essay : Literacy And Literacy

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Literacy Essay
Literacy plays a big part in our everyday life we use it to communicate with one another, to work, to figure out directions, etc. When it comes to writing and reading, over the years I have struggled with it. It all started in third grade I began reading simple Chapter books like Junie B. Jones , after we finished the book we would write a short summary or book report on what we read. I had trouble writing those book reports I either didn’t know what to write or how to start the summary or I wrote way too much that wasn’t important. Choosing the correct grammar , placing commas, and using the right punctuation and spelling was a bit of a problem for me. Today it still is, but i’m improving. My opinion is that I feel like Reading in elementary school was more fun and easy I was very interested in reading .I remember in first grade my school had a reading challenge we would read so many chapter books then our teachers would give us a dog tag necklace and for every book we read we earned a bead to put on our necklace. If we had three necklaces filled we would get to have ice cream. I had filled up two necklaces I was excited and I felt proud that I read that many books. Middle school reading and writing became a bit more complex. There is a lot more than just reading a book and writing a summary , there’s analyzing the book and understanding what it truly means. That means figuring out the plot , setting the main idea, and the author’s purpose. I learned…

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