Literacy Changes The Way We Think Essay

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Literacy Changes the Way We Think The majority of the human race has survived without reading for hundreds upon thousands of years. How could something, so previously unimportant to things other than communication and recording, better society? Such a thing couldn 't possibly change people so drastically. The only thing is, it does. People 's brains are affected from reading in a way that can change society over time. An article citing a fairly recent study shows these interesting results. Based on the data gathered, several conclusions have been made, claiming that reading actually changes one 's brain for the better. Along with that, these changes can be brought about at any point of one 's life. Nevertheless, there is a need for children to be talked to to gain these advantages as early as they can. The articles that showcase this—“Reading boosts brain pathways, affects multiple disciplines”, by Jenna Zwang—hint that for the positive yet possible implications to come into fruition,the illiterate (including children) must be taught to read as soon as possible.

A set way to improve the brain sounds like some kind of pill from a science-fiction novel that would instantly create a genius from the one who eats it but today, all one needs to do is read. According to this article, literacy caused subjects to improve in “their visual perceptual skills […], auditory listening skills […], and ability to drive this whole left-hemisphere symbolic problem-solving way of…

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