Literacy Autobiography

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Don’t Just Call this “Literacy Autobiography”
Reading has changed me in varieties of ways. Literacy is a great way to learn and to get more knowledge. Literacy is the ability to read and write and I believe that we all need literacy in our lives. When I think of the word literacy, It is the ability to read and write in a way that enables a person to function as a contributing member of society. A couple of weeks ago, I would have considered myself a very literate person. However, after reading the texts for this class, this view of myself has changed. I have become aware that there are many types of literacy existing in today's world. Reading is also a part of literacy and it is very important to not only me but to the world. Different ways reading has changed me in my life is reading can lead to other opportunities in life. When I was in 3rd grade and the age of 10, my english teacher Mrs. Bower asked me to read a text from a book we were reading in front of the whole class. I did not feel comfortable with doing this but I did it anyway. I stuttered and didn't know some of the words but I kept going and finished. I just moved from Samoa at the time and barely knew english, from that point on I told myself I was going to learn. To this day I am still learning and trying to be a better reader each and every day. Reading is something that is used every day in a person's life. It is a skill that most people acquire while attending school. Not only is reading one of the

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