Essay on Literacy And The Adult Client Population

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There are more and more studies being done that prove that those individuals with poor literacy also have poor health (Ross, 2013). To achieve better health outcomes for patients, there needs to be an understanding of literacy and its impact on the ability of the patient to learn. This paper will review literacy in our culture, instructional methods, and instructional materials that are used in education in health care.

Chapter 7: Literacy in the Adult Client Population
To begin understanding literacy in the adult client population, there first needs to be an understanding of the basic terms used to classify individuals in the different levels of literacy. First, literacy is the ability to read, write, and understand information that is on the eighth grade level or higher. Therefore, illiterate is being unable to read, write, and understand information at the fourth grade level or lower. Next, low literacy, marginally literate and marginally illiterate includes those individuals that read, write, and understand information between the fifth to eighth grade levels. Finally, those individuals that do not have the basic abilities to read, write, or comprehend information that allows someone to function in their community or culture fall into the category of functional illiteracy (Bastable, 2014).
Illiteracy is the silent disability that is not seen but affects individuals in every class, ethnic groups, and ages. Individuals that have poor reading and comprehensive…

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