Lit Review on High Intensity Interval Training Essay

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High intensity interval training (HIIT) is a new popular method of exercising that optimizes your workout by completing a series of short, high intensity exercise (90% of your maximum heart rate =220-age)., followed by longer, lower-intensity exercise (55 to 70 % of your maximum heart rate=220-age). High intensity interval training is said to be significantly more beneficial than other forms of cardiovascular workouts because it challenges the body differently and is more extreme then a moderate cardiovascular workout (Omidi, 2010). Moderate cardiovascular workouts do increase cardiovascular fitness and muscular fitness, but if there is a faster way to achieve your goals, then that method should be utilized. HIIT can increase the effects …show more content…
The research methods for this study included taking a small frozen muscle sample and isolated the proteins then took a SIRT fluorometric assay kit to find the SIRT1 level before and after the six weeks of training. They found that after six weeks of HIIT there was a significant increase in SIRT1 levels concluding that with HIIT you can increase the body’s ability of mitochondrial biogenesis because with more mitochondrial abilities the better your body can produce energy for respiration and physical work and fat oxidation which can get you leaner faster. Gibala’s, 2009, study agrees with their findings. Perry et al, (2008) also looked at fat oxidation in his study by focusing on the effects of HIIT on fat and carbohydrate metabolic capacities in skeletal muscle. This study had eight individuals begin a six week HIIT program that included using the cycle ergometer three days a week (a one hour interval consisting of ten four minute exercise intervals with 2 minutes of rest) for 6 weeks totaling 18 hours. Perry et al.’s methods were to take muscle biopsies before during and after exhaustion during a VO2 peak test before and after the six week training. They found that 18 hours of HIIT 3 days a week for over 6 weeks increased fat oxidation and skeletal muscle

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