Listing Agent Case Study

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Listing agents are critical to helping develop the best marketing strategies for getting your home sold at the best price and quickly. You need to take the time to pick this person; you’re putting a major asset that will affect your future decision into their hands. Just as important this person is going to be in your life daily for the next two to six months, you need to trust them and like working with them.
Start with an agent coming to your home for a preview. They know what buyers are looking for and what the big attractions are for selling your home quickly. They can also tell you what needs to be done quickly to present your homes best features for selling your home at the best marketable price. It’s your chance to get a feel for
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In most cases at this point you’re going to need to sign an agreement with the listing agent, so it’s time to make a selection and a commitment. Don’t expect the listing agent to have buyers ready to purchase your home the same day it’s listed. It can happen, but the reality of selling a home takes time.
What Listing Agent Do
Marketing Plan
Now it’s time to develop the marketing plan. Ask your listing agent, they have the experience of what buyers want and know the neighborhood’s best features for attracting buyers. Of course the yard sign needs to go up with contacts for interested buyers and other local realtors. Promotion flyers, MSL listing and internet videos need to be posted once the “to do” list is completed. Get prepared for your first preview by local realtors and then open house for potential buyers.
Screen Buyers
Listing agents screen potential buyers for your home once it goes on the market for sale. Offers should start coming in quickly, just don’t overly excited, you want to make sure the buyer is qualified and interested in paying the sales price. This is where the listing agent can help; they have access to data and profiles on the buyers to verify the buyer’s interest and ability to purchase the home, some with preapprovals from lending

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