Essay about Listening At The Lives Of Older People

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This section describes the experience of listening to music in the lives of older people. The data focused on the relationship between people and the feeling of listening to music. The data collection was from one observation and seven interviews. The observation site was in a nursing home. The subjects of interviews included two women and five men. One was a musician who worked in various nursing homes in New England areas. Six people were living in Lowell, ranging from age 59-70. With the consent of the participants, all of the sessions were audio recorded. The interviews discussed the importance of music listening in older people’s lives. There were several questions on the benefits of being engaged in music listening. Most participants said that they enjoyed listening to music in classical and old styles. They believed that music plays a significant part in their lives.

The data collection was performed based on guides and principles as put forth by Merriam (2009), using the analysis method of open, axial and selective coding described by Corbin and Strauss (2007). The process of data collection and analysis identified the significant information and ideas about music listening. For instance, participants talked about the reason for listening to music and the feeling about music listening. Moreover, the useful data that related to my study was found and the key information was selected.


The data showed that music is an essential part in most…

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