Listening And Comprehension Skills And Being Firm But Respectful While Speaking

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Improving your listening and comprehension skills and being firm but respectful while speaking. Many people believe that the only way to get others to listen to them is by yelling, intimidating and demeaning a person, however that is far from the truth.
c. Many people are afraid of feedback, but asking for honest feedback can improve a person’s attitude. People will be more inclined to give their feedback if you explain the purpose behind it and a simple explanation can be, I’d like to improve the way I interact with people, but in order for me to do so I need to know what people really think of my behavior.
3. My core value is prioritizing the value of autonomy over equality, and my primary concern is that of individual rights. I have the belief that the best way to assure that every individual in the community is treated fairly each person must do their part, by following the rules and being responsible for their own ethical behaviors. I prioritize rationality over sensibility because I believe rules exist for a reason and no one is above the rules, the rules apply equally to each person and if everyone respects and follow those rules then the end result will be rewarding. My classical value is temperance, this means I have the ability to balance and restrain my desire for pleasure so I may fulfil my duties. I am confident and know who I am and what I want, therefor I am able to act with integrity at all times.
a. The top five values found in the “clarify your values”…

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