Listening Analysis : Listening And Listening Essay

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Section 1 - My Observations of Someone’s Listening skills My case of listening analysis is that of two friends. Sitting in the same room, I could not help but listen to how the two friends partook their conversation. Both friends seemed to communicate effortlessly, with each one of them providing particular answers in response to asked questions. They used signs and vocal variations to create intimate understandings and improve understanding and quality of their conversations. Sitting at a close range, this was evident by the constant silence and frequent nods that emerged from the second party. In spite of this, the friends’ communication had a smooth flow. From Lesikar’s Business Communication, listening in human beings revolves around a three-step process. Sensing, which forms the first step to effective listening, infers to the effectiveness of an individual to pick up words and understand them. Even though there were instances of hesitations while responding to each other’s provisions, the fsriend did not seem to struggle while listening. These two practiced, active listening, as Rentz, Flatley and Lentz provide. According to Lesika’s Business Communication article, attentiveness is an effective tool for proper listening. Analyzing the friends’ conversation indicated a great sense of attentiveness. However, as noted by Rentz, Flatley and Lentz, mental attentiveness is not always constant while listening. There are instances marked with maximum attentiveness, often…

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