Lisbon 's Premiere Treatment Center Essay examples

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When the policy was formed, it was thought that it could bring positive results to Portugal so long as all the components of the system worked together seamlessly with emphasis, in chronological order, on: prevention; Dissuasion Commissions; risk and harm reduction; treatment; and reintegration into health and society. The advancement and expansion of treatment and healthcare facilities in Portugal has allowed drug users to receive the help they want and need. TAIPAS in Lisbon provides comprehensive care at multiple levels and stages of treatment. Lisbon 's premiere treatment center provides consultation, treatment, psychotherapy with multiple teams of psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers. The user that admits into treatment can even receive methadone treatments within the facility and can stay for up to two weeks while going through detoxification and initial treatment which allows the drug users to continue treatment after the two-week inpatient treatment. While half of those who enter treatment choose to leave on their own accord and quit treatment, many of those who left tend to return later to continue treatment. This has allowed for a sizable rise in the number of people who choose to enter treatment with 5,124 new individuals seeking treatment in 2008 and over 40,000 overall cases in 2010. This is not considered a direct correlation to the number of people using drugs, but rather the number of people actively seeking out treatment for their addiction…

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