Liquid Chromatography Essay

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The use of drugs of abuse has become an increasing problem throughout the world. Drugs of abuse range from anything to illegal drugs such as cocaine, misuse of prescriptions or even nicotine. Drugs of abuse are more than just harmful to a person’s health, they also have an impact the environment, including water treatment processes. The purpose of these experiments is to identify the compounds in aquatic samples from various places throughout the world. Verifying these compounds is crucial in determining how drugs of abuse effect the environment.
Ultraperformance Liquid Chromatography- Tandem Mass Spectrophotometry Analysis of Stimulatory Drugs of Abuse in Wastewater and Surface Waters1
Ultraperformance liquid chromatography is the best method for analyzing drugs of abuse in different substances including
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Their pH was adjusted to 2 and they were stored at -20°C. First, the samples were evaluated during a washing step then filtered to remove solid particles. The liquid chromatography was determined using a binary pump and autosampler system; a mobile phase of ammonium acetate 5mM and an AcN gradient helped determine the column equilibrium. The procedure was divided into two time frames, 1-5.8 minutes and 5.8-8 minutes for better peak shapes. Spiked surface waters were assessed and tested to prove accuracy and precision of this method.
After adjusting and examining multiple pH levels to determine extraction efficiency, a pH=3 was found to be the best for SPE recovery. 8 out of 9 analytes that were tested for were discovered at this pH level. However, one of the analytes, EME, was completely lost. Researchers applied the developed procedure on collected water waste samples and discovered 6-MAM was no present in any sample but MDMD, cocaine and its metabolites were present in all samples. METH had the lowest concentration of all drugs of abuse while BE and AMP generally had the

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