Lion Dancing Essay

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Lion Dancing

Every time when you see youth swiftly glistening over the rampaging ungodly Earth accompanied with the blistering heated wonder of the orb-like sun, it can take you back to your exhilarating days with no headaches, worries, or obligations also known as, childhood. Worries, headaches, obligations, these are enemies within ourselves that we must overcome. These flea-like worries are infesting everyone. We are being overwhelmed by these creatures. The only ways to fight off such beasts are to find relaxation, comfort, and soothing. These can come in different ways such as an event, a ritual or even a location that eases your mind in tranquility. I have a special event where I can be at ease and just enjoy: the lion
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It helps determine the beat of the lion and how and which the lion dances. The cymbals and gong provide the entertainment and usually is accompanied by the shaking of the head and ears, as well as the blinking of the eyes. This adds to the affect of the liveliness of the lion. Without the music, the lion can not move. It knows not how. There is a sequence which lion dancers follow. The lion dancers begin with a bow, then goes to basic kung-fu stances with some freestyle, sleeping of the lion and lastly, the eating of the lion. There is also freestyle lion dancing in between the basic steps. The basic kung-fu stances and freestyle illustrates how powerful and dominant the lion is. Even basic stances and free styling of the lion dance requires extreme teamwork and synchronization. Some basic moves are rolling the body of the lion, twirling the lion itself, shaking the head and ears, and lastly blinking. Doing these moves in certain order, adding in a little footwork can add a life-like affect on the lion. The next part in the sequence is the sleeping of the lion. Basically the dancers sit with their legs partially spread in a 75 degree imitating a sleeping lion with its limbs stretched out in front of its massive body bobbing its head. Although, the whole part sounds dreary, there is a sense of excitement on how the music taunts the lions. The last part of the dance is the eating of the lettuce. The Buddha will guide

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