Linux vs Windows Paper

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Microsoft Windows has long dominated the business and home desktop market but there is a new contender on the block in the shape of LINUX that is beginning to compete with Microsoft Windows on many different fronts. What is this LINUX and how does it compare and contrast with the Microsoft Windows operating system?

Microsoft Windows has been around since 1983 and it's present incarnation, Microsoft Windows 2000, owes its roots to Windows 3.x, Windows 9x, and Windows NT. LINUX has been around since 1991, for all of its newness, is the latest incarnation of the UNIX operating system which first came into existence in 1969.

Let's start by comparing the minimum hardware requirements specified by each vendor for both LINUX, using the
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With this in mind, it is difficult to determine which platform is the one to choose. LINUX has some clear price advantages but Microsoft's Windows platform has advantages due to market share and number of applications available.

What other differences exist between the two platforms to help you decide? Philosophical differences in file processing and programming between LINUX and Microsoft Windows are pronounced and go to the heart of the differences between the operating systems themselves. The differences between the systems highlight the differences in the goals of the operating systems and their intended audiences and functions in both the home environment and corporate world. LINUX systems see those functions as being the responsibility of the sub component process and not necessarily a unified

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