Essay on Linux Implementation Proposal For Linux Software

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Linux Implementation Proposal
Simeon D Blatchley
University of Maryland University College

Research and justify whether LSDG will use existing computer hardware that is being used with the Windows XP systems, or if new hardware will be required.
To switch to Linux, the company will not need a change of equipment. Linux is compatible with the provided hardware for Windows XP. On the other hand, Linux comes in different ranges that satisfy the people given their varied interests. Notably, the inclusion of Linux on the hardware that the firm previously used would leave the organization with the alternative of using specific versions of Linux software. Notably, there are versions of Linux, released during the same period as the Windows XP software. Therefore, they can work on similar device specifications. The networks that the company has provided a broad range of Linux computer operating systems that can be installed on it and they run smoothly with a lot of ease (DiMaggio, 2013).

Plan for migration from Windows XP to Linux The migration plan of the company from the Windows XP computers would be straightforward and efficient. The company will have to hire technicians who will format the computers that operate on Windows XP and work on how to install the Linux software. It is notable that the hardware will be wiped from the previous windows, and a new service will be done to them. Before the wiping of the previous operating systems, the company will have to…

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