Essay on Linux And Microsoft Operating Systems

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Linux and Microsoft operating systems have been in competition to see which one is the best operating system in the market. As we all may know, Windows Microsoft has always been a commercial high-level sale in the retail industry and a in domain operating system used today. But there are more operating systems than just Windows Microsoft than the general population may assume. Linux is another well-known operating systems, which is free and open-source software. Linux is also used in companies we would have never thought of like Google, NASA, USPS, Amazon and many more companies. There are so many similarities of the two companies, but also so many differences that may make you feel like one is better than the other.
Windows and Linux are both highly known operating systems that are used all around the world. Both operating systems however diverge from each other in various ways, their question isn’t necessary which one is better but rather what makes them so different. When comparing two operating systems a user should take the following categories in for consideration, cost, user, user interface, usage, file system support, and security. The cost of a Linux operating is completely free versus a windows operating system, which can range from prices such as $50.00 to $450.00. Even though Linux operating system is free, however according to their customer support is available for a price.
The securities for both operating systems are slightly different as well.…

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