Linkedin Essay

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Linkeldln is a United States company based on Mountain View, California. The company is not simply a social network. It also provides hiring, as well as marketing services to businesses (DJW, 2013). LinkedIn’s CEO is named Jeff Weiner. Weiner takes time to recognize relatively small achievements of his workers. Many times, he ends a meeting or speech in a unique way. In this regard, he asks what he might have done better. Weiner’s workdays are usually as long as or more than those of his employees. In this way, he becomes a very reliable leader. Weiner embraces compassionate leadership style. Ideally, this style keeps Linkeldln focused on expanding—at a rate of two new members each second (Entrepreneur, 2013). Weiner encourages his …show more content…
Weiner clarifies what is to be to be done, and the manner in which it is to be done. At the same time, she sheds lights on who is responsible for doing it. For example, he emphasizes to his employees that their decisions should always be in line with LinkedIn mission-- to connect the world's professionals in order to make them become more productive and successful. By Weiner exhibiting supportive behaviors, this makes his followers feel comfortable. They feel comfortable about themselves and the various job situations (p.119). As a matter of fact, supportive behaviors concerns two-way communication, as well as response. The responses demonstrate social in addition to emotional support to his followers. General examples of supportive behavior comprises solving problems, sharing information (about himself or herself—the leader). Others include asking for input and praising (p.119). Discussing Weiner, he asks what he might have done better—when ending a meeting. He also encourages his employees to think like an owner.
In addition, Weiner uses directing leadership style. As far as it is concerned, he concentrates on communication on the realization of Linkedln’s mission. At the same time, he spends a considerable timeframe using supportive behaviors. As an example, he sets aside some time with the main aim of laughing with his team members. (p.120) He says that he attaches importance on his team members’ sense of humor. At times, on a tough day,

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