Essay about Link Between Theory And Practice

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4. Understanding of the link between theory & practice

The report and the reading the literature associated around the report, allowed the work I was producing for VSA to be of better quality. This was because I was more informed, therefore, was able to justify any accusations that I was making. For example, after reading the articles on the negatives connotations of voluntourism such as Kushner (2016) and Biddle (2014), a reoccurring theme that was the lack of experience or skills the volunteer had in the activity they were doing. This ultimately resulted in the activity not being executed correctly. This allowed me to search for important aspects in voluntourism organisations such as offering pre-departure and in country training and put this into my competitive analysis.

Unfortunately, the literature I was reading for the project was primarily connected around tourism, voluntourism and sustainable development. Therefore, very few alluded to my development of skills, particularly skills relating to personal and professional development, such as my third and fourth SMART goal of time management and adaptability. Therefore, the skills around personal and professional development was generated by my experience at VSA, rather than what I had learnt in the literature.

The literature did however, immensely help with achieving my first and second SMART goal of increasing knowledge of sustainable development and tourisms contribution to sustainable development. This was…

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