Essay on Linguistics : The Hidden Secrets Of Language

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Linguistics You Say?
The scene opens on a desert outside of a town in New Mexico. People in black suits and black sunglasses stand around an odd circle in the sand full of strange markings. The agent in charge crouches down to take closer look at it. He then declares: “Get somebody from linguistics down here." That is what comes to mind when I hear the word linguistics. As I researched the subject of linguistics more, I realized the reality of the subject would unfortunately be less whimsical than my daydream of deciphering imprints left by an Einstein-Rosen Bridge. Despite my disappointment, however, I still found the topic intriguing. Linguistics pertains to the unlocking of the hidden secrets of language. Mainly, people who study linguistics analyze the structure of languages from different cultures to try the figure out its structure, its origin, and its influences. As it turns out, Linguistics is a very broad science with many fascinating topics to explore. When I inquired more about becoming a linguistics major, I discovered all the options of what I could study in that field. One of the major topics is phonetics which is about how sounds turn to words in our mind. Syntax is also an important part of linguistics that delves into how sentences are structured. Studying syntax could be useful to me when reading Shakespeare, because of the interesting structure of Elizabethan sentences. Speaking of literary works of the past, there is also a branch of linguistics called…

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