Linguistics Self Profile Step II Essay

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Linguistics Self-Profile Step II

Prior to taking English 370, I had never studied the English language in the way of linguistics. With this being said, I had little knowledge of how the language works and how I speak the language personally. Before this class and as a native speaker of the English language and growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I believed I spoke perfect American English with no accent. By taking this course, I learned many things about the language, but also myself of a speaker of it. Now I know that people in the Pacific Northwest do in fact have an accent, most noticeably with the pronunciation of “caught” and “cot” which sound the same to my ears, and there is no such thing as perfect English. Throughout the course, I learned exactly how I speak English through the course studies of phonology, morphology, and stylistics. In the course section in the study of phonology, I learned many new things on how the English language is spoken. Firstly, in phonemics, the study of how words sound, and how the sounds are made. Secondly, in phonetics, how words are actually spoken. I hadn’t realized how different words and phrases were pronounced when actually spoken. By completing phonetic transcriptions, I learned just different speech actually is spoken than how we perceive speech phonemically. For example, when I say “want to go,” I hadn’t recognized that I actually say “wanna go.” But when I pay closer attention to my speech, I can definitely hear the…

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