Linda Gross And Marian E. Barnes Essay

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Linda Gross and Marian E. Barnes brings into light the “Griot”. In the past “the griot served as the .king 's confidant and personal advisor. The griot would interpret things, such as different facts, for the king. It was also the responsibility of the griot to make sure that the people received all the information about their ancestors” . The griot now is not a person but rather that role is in the culture of African people. The griot functions as link between “all people of African descent”, so that, “[they] can progress and maintain a high level of understanding of their true heritage” . It is in the culture, subculture, and elements of those cultures that the griot is in now. The griot is the continuity of African culture as it passes by the African diaspora.
Music is an aspect of culture that has been found in all known groups of humans. One of the things that needs to be cleared up is ‘“plural concept of African music based on the "ethnic" group as a homogeneous musical unit can be misleading, for divergences merely represent areas of musical bias’” . The people that were studying African music were of European decent. European and African culture are vastly different, and for Europeans to analyses another cultures music is a large part of the misconception that there is no continuity.
Europeans have their own cultures and thus their own music. Europeans that analysis African music already have a bias in their minds of the elements that make up music. Europeans did…

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