Essay on Lincoln 's Speech On The End Of The War

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The nation divided had been at war for 4 years, President Lincoln was reelected for a second term, with the end of the Civil War and the abolishment of slavery in sight, Lincoln gave his second inaugural speech on Saturday, March 4, 1865. Due to this being his second address, Lincoln felt there was no need for one as lengthy as his first, but still as powerful. Lincoln showed his care for his people and country, just like any man who was worrying about his children and family. Through his diction, arrangement, tone and appeal to common Christian values, Lincoln unites a broken country by creating a spirit of a national unity through forgiveness.
The war was coming to an end, and slavery was only days away from abolishment, when President Lincoln gave his speech, not of happiness for the end of the war but for the sadness of its result. Brother had killed brother, cousin killed cousin, countryman had killed countryman. Over 600,000 dead Americans, the time now was for Reconstruction. It was time to move forward together with God and rebuild the country and all work as one.
After explaining the causes of the war, Lincoln uses lots of pathos and ethos in the form of parallel sentences and religious allusion to bring his people to the same direction. Lincoln addressed the country as if it was one, when at that time, it was divided due to the civil war. He emphasized the common wishes of both sides of the war using lots of “neither”, “both”, and “each” in these sentences…

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