Lincoln 's Speech On The Civil War Essay

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Much like any inaugural speech or any speech at that matter, Lincoln speaks with dignity, respect, and hopefulness. Lincoln sees a bright future for him and his fellow countrymen after a peace is found within the nation. Hopefully those who will come after will experience the peace as well. He speaks of the “progress of our arms” and how “reasonably satisfactory” they will be to everyone who is affected. Lincoln’s says that even though the Civil War was the center of attention exactly four years ago, it still is. However, the Civil War could not be avoided and was necessary to the flourish of the nation all together, both the North and the South. Lincoln speaks to both parties of the civil war. His speech is not directed towards only one side, both parties were affected. The North and the South. “With malice toward none…charity for all” Lincoln no longer wants the nation to be divided, not that he had intended for the division to occur in the beginning, however, you can see that he wishes for peace, unity, and at the very least civility between the North and the South. With the civility that is hopefully present within the nation at this point he says that they need to “care for him that have been borne to battle” care for his “widow” and his “orphan. “Let us strive to finish the work we are in” he knows that there are still “wounds” to be bound within the great America. There is a “cherish[ment]” to be achieved and optimistically there will be a “lasting peace” present…

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