Lincoln And Slavery Summary

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The Civil War era was an hectic time where slavery was being abolished, the Confederate states seceded from the Union, and Abraham Lincoln was murdered. It is safe to say that it was very eventful for a short period of time. That being said, the book that I chose to read and review is Lincoln and Slavery and it was written by Peter Burchard. Burchard wrote books primarily about slavery, abolitionism, and the American Civil War. Lincoln and Slavery takes place during the time period where slavery was being abolished and the complicated events that came with changing history forever. The events and issues that occurred during this era is a topic that can be exceptionally intriguing.
The book begins with Abraham Lincoln’s birth. Lincoln was born
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While living in New Salem, Illinois Lincoln took an interest to law and aimed to practice it. When he was 25, he was elected as the Illinois House Representative and served 4 terms. After he got married to Mary Todd, he began having a stronger urge for justice against slavery and wanted to speak out about it. This caused his family to move to Washington, only for his family to leave due to Mary’s depression. While fulfilling his duties Lincoln found all the politicians “uninspiring” with the exception of one person. This person was John Quincy Adams, who was seen as the nation’s greatest antislavery legislator. Lincoln rarely spoke out about his feelings towards slavery to the public or in general, but he saw slavery and the abuse as “continual torture” for him. Eventually, he left Congress and worked as a lawyer with his partner, William H. Herndon. He soon became a well-known skilled lawyer in his town. After hearing many instances about cruelty towards black people, he came to the decision to officially speak out about it. On the fall of 1854, he made his first important speech on slavery. Lincoln debated with Stephen Douglas, who was the complete opposite, physically and mentally. He …show more content…
There were parts where it did intrigue me, but there were other parts where it felt like a review. A part that was likeable was the certain situations about slavery that happened. There were situations where free slaves would get sent back to The South and enslaved again. A lot of the stories pertaining slaves were sad to read and it was understandable how they must of felt. The most enjoyable part was the first half of the book and how it included information about his early life. It was interesting to know how he was raised and what he experienced prior to his presidency and how he came to take part in politics. Something that Burchard didn’t make enjoyable was the amount of names included throughout the book. Although knowing names are important, it was kind of hard to differentiate all the different people while reading. It would make one go back and re-read constantly to understand who was involved and what was happening. The ending was also not enjoyable. It ended with Lincoln’s death but it seemed kind of rushed and as if Burchard had nothing else to write. Although it was my favorite part, he could of focused less on his early life. Since the book is called Lincoln and Slavery, I expected more information on the situations during his presidency about

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