Lincoln And Douglass : On The Same Page Essay

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Lincoln and Douglass: On the Same Page
In the time of the Abolitionist Movement, there were many different statements and positions the people would take regarding a highly controversial issue. Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln are two significant figures of the nineteenth century during the Antislavery Movement. They come from different backgrounds and one would assume they have different views and arguments on slavery, which make their talks of this issue more significant. The historical significance this specific issue has is a catalyst that helps the freeing of slaves and abolishing the act of slavery. As two significant persons during the time of the antislavery movement, Douglass and Lincoln both use historical American documents to argue about slavery, in which they both argue very similarly to one another.
Abraham Lincoln, as a powerful white man and a significant figure that many knew, argues for antislavery. In Lincoln’s “Speech in Peoria,” he speaks directly about the Constitution and how, “at the framing and adoption of the constitution, they forbore to so much as mention the word ‘slave’ or ‘slavery’” (Lincoln 268) Lincoln is speaking about the new territories and how the Constitution should be issued and adopted amongst all, even the new territories that are trying to act upon popular sovereignty. Lincoln, without hesitation here, says that since the Constitution, the historical document listing all the rights the people have, does not state the word…

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