Gun Control By Stephen E Wright Analysis

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Stephen E. Wright, an author and blogger, feels anti-gun groups fight to restrict a constitutional right. Wright feels anti-gun groups, to no avail, continue to reiterate old arguments (2012, para. 1). He believes a civilian can 't one day become a killer by having access to a weapon. Wright feels that by limiting handgun purchases, more problems will occur. He goes on to say, more guns won 't result in more shootings. While, gun control has been a topic of conversation for more than thirty years, it is his right to have this opinion. Primarily because it is such a controversial topic, having one opinion is unlikely. Many people view gun control differently. Some individuals feel guns are the only solution for their safety, at the same time, others see guns as dangerous. Gun control laws were established to ensure safety, and to please those for and against gun control, and yet, the law pleases no one. Gun control laws will save lives by limiting handgun purchases, as well as, those who conceal weapons and more guns will result in more accidental shootings.
Handgun purchases should be limited. When
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In paragraph sixteen, Wright points out, “Guns don 't go off unless someone pulls the trigger (2012). Although this may be true, to say, “By properly handling a weapon there is no chance of an accidental discharge that will harm anyone” is illogical (Wright, 2012, para. 16). An accident, in fact, is an unexpected incident. Wright claims there will be zero chances of gun misfire if the gun is secured. Where is a secure place to put a gun? A closet is said to be a safe place for a gun; however, children are adventurous, and could locate a gun hidden in a closet. When given access to a gun the outcome is never certain. More guns bring about more opportunities to kill, whether it is an accident or it is on purpose. Guns are dangerous and should be handled by experienced and trained

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