Limitations Is A Fictional Novel Following The Story Of Judge George Mason

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Limitations is a fictional novel following the story of Judge George Mason from present-day to forty-years in the past. Mason works at the Court of Appeals in Kindle County (based on Cook County, Chicago, Illinois). The present-day case is People v. Jacob Warnovits et. al., an appeal for gang-rape; forty-years ago, Mason was personally involved in the gang-rape of a young woman named Lolly Viccino. Interwoven through the main storyline is the hunt for #1, an anonymous source sending Mason threatening messages, and the cancer treatment of Patrice, Mason’s wife. Altogether, Limitations intermingles several storylines into a comprehensive narrative. The main case, People v. Jacob Warnovits et. al., originally happened in 1999 at a Glen Brae High School party. Mindy Deboyer (15) attended the party and consumed a copious amount of alcohol. From the consumption of alcohol, and a pill provided by Jacob Warnovits, DeBoyer lost consciousness in the bedroom of Warnovits. Then, Warnovits invited three of his hockey teammates (Kellen Cook Murphy, Trevor Witt, Arden Van Dorn) to sexually assault Deboyer. The sexual assaults were videotaped, as described in Limitations “Warnovits captured each assault on videotape, often employing the camera in a grotesque fashion that would startle even a pornographer (pg. 11).” In the morning, DeBoyer suspected a sexual assault occurred, but did not report the suspicion to the police. Later, in college, Warnovits shares the videotape with his…

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