Lily From The House Of Mirth

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Human beings never satisfy for what they have been possessed, they have desired for a perfect life with more than what they currently have. Some people simply want a life without sickness, while others want more money for a wealthy life, or some just wants a happy family with the love from all members. Likewise, indifferent from other people’s desire of a happy life; indeed, Lily from the House of Mirth, wants to have a happy life with “wealthy and true love” . However, she never gets what she needs even until the last day of her life. The main reason that leads to her tragedy is the society perspective.
Written in 1905 by Edith Wharton, the House of Mirth depicts a full character of Lily - a twenty-nine years old lady. Lily is well conscious
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Lily mother who is accountable for Lily’s failure is among one one of society perspectives whom represent for the thought of materialistic people . Lily's mother destructed her mindset as “you'll get it all back-you'll get it all back, with your face”(28). All the bad things that she was taught from her mother such as “People can't marry you if they don't see you-and how can they see you in these holes where we're stuck? That was the burden of her lament; and her last adjuration to her daughter was to escape from dinginess if she could”(35) or ”Don't let it creep up on you and drag you down. Fight your way out of it somehow-you're young can can do it”(35). As a result, Lily’s survival skill and consistent hope are heading to her target which marry a man with great wealth and high social status. It clearly shows that Lily was raised with a conception of using her beauty rather than learning any marketable skills to entertain and please her socially elite friends. It is well depicted as “Lily understood that beauty is only the raw material of conquest, and that to convert it into success other arts are required”(34). Consequently, Lily continues to suffer throughout the novel and finally lead to her …show more content…
Because of gaining personal desire, people from this novel will do whatever methods to reach their goals. Consequently, they were trying to take advantage and forcing Lily to her downfall of her life. The main corruption characteristic mentioned is gossip. Just because of the gossip, Lily has been suffering as a victim of the civilization. Grace’s gossip about Lily having flirtation with Trenor to Judy. Grace also gossiped about Lily to Mrs. Peniston about Lily playing cards. Another gossip occurs is when Lily was in the Sabrina which purposely to drag her down to the under level of society. Lily seems to be powerless to encounter with the gossips around her. Unfortunately, Lily becomes a target where all the arrows trying to reach

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