Lilly 's Effect On Children Essay

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Lilly grew up in a steady household, she has always had enough food, enough toys, and a warm bed to sleep in. Though Lilly always had her needs fulfilled she always felt it felt something was missing. She was missing the tenderness from her parents. While her parents did love her, it was very rare to hear them say it. When she was in track her father never came to watch her and with her mother it was rare as well. Lilly 's parents never encouraged her to do her best in sports or to them at all. They never cared if she did anything else besides school and chores, while some people may not see a problem with that, to Lilly it made her feel irrelevant. Without being supplied with ample amount of endearment or support while growing up Lilly manages to provide her family with all the love and encouragement they need, doing better than her parents did for her. Lilly vowed that when she had a family so she would not only provide them with the necessities of life, but also with love and support. When Lilly was in her senior year of high school in 1989, she met her husband Rick. Rick also had a father that was very unattentive and unaffectionate to him. Lilly helped to make feel loved and motivated him to pursue his dreams of becoming a teacher. After they got married in 1992 Rick went back to college for a secondary education. After Lilly and Rick got married they were eager to start a family together. They had their first child in 1994, a daughter named Eliza. While her husband…

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