Like Water For Chocolates Mama Elena Character Analysis

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The people we love can hurt us the most even if it’s supposed to help us grow and help us learn their mistake. In the book Like water for chocolates, the author Laura Esquirel, wrote about how a girl named Tita. Tita is the youngest daughter of mama Elena, illicit by the family tradition from marrying Pedro in order to take care of her mother until the day she dies with no interference. Tita always strives for love, freedom, and individuality. Mama Elena is the leader of the De La Gaza family. Mama Elena is strict when it comes to family tradition and she is the prime source of Tita’s anguish. Her fierce approach creates fear in all three of her daughters. Throughout the whole book mama Elena is always getting heated or exasperated …show more content…
Mama Elena made sure that Tita wouldn’t pursue her path by following the family tradition which will separate Tita and Pedro. It states in the novel that Mama Elena tells Tita that “being the youngest daughter means that you have to take care of me until the day I die,”(10). This develops more hatred against mama Elena because Tita wants to be with her loved one but, she can’t and therefore the relationship between the two mother and daughter becomes the start of a belligerence. Since Tita wanted to contravene the family tradition, mama Elena became even relentless, so Tita won’t lead to mama Elena’s foot steps. To make sure that it won’t happen to Tita mama Elena told Pedro that he can marry Rosaura (middle child). The book stated that mama Elena suggest Pedro to marry “my daughter Rosaura,”(13). Which distressed Tita because Rosaura was her older sister. Mama Elena thought if they both get married Tita wouldn’t get with Pedro because he is a married man and she also thought that it would prevent Tita from loving him or even running away with him. Mama Elena inspired Pedro into marrying Rosaura which this lead in breaking Tita’s heart. In the book Tita and the others were in the kitchen finishing the rolls by wrapping them and mama Elena goes into the kitchen “informing them that she had agreed to Pedro’s …show more content…
This influences Tita because it makes her a stronger person. One of the things that Mama Elena had done to cause pain to Tita was when she asked Pedro to stop complimenting her food. In Like Water for Chocolate it says that mama Elena told Pedro “to stop praising the meals” that Tita has been cooking (69). When Pedro stop complimenting Tita’s food she got worried that maybe he didn’t like her anymore and that he actually like Rosaura.Tita was in pain because of it and her food was her communication through Pedro and it helped her know if Pedro still likes her. Rosaura did a frightful and repulsive thing to Tita which was passing the family tradition to Esperanza (Rosaura’s only daughter). In the book it says that Rosaura have “perpetuate” which was the “inhuman tradition,”(150). This hurt Tita a lot because she hated that rule and that she wanted to be last one who had to suffer that tradition so that no one else had to feel the same pain as she had went through. Tita had no idea why Rosaura had done that to her child and Tita hopes that Rosaura will realize how cruel that tradition is. Mama Elena has been torturing Tita ever since she was little. In the book it stated that mama Elena “had been killing a little at a time since” Tita was a kid (49). Mama Elena had been giving Tita a hard time ever since she was born. Mama Elena has been taking her anger out on Tita and she

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