`` Like Springs, Adaptations Can Only Go Downhill Essay

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“Like springs, adaptations can only go downhill.”(John Simon)
A Separate Piece written by John Knowles, tells the story of two boys whose friendship is in constant motion of changing, from best friends to rivals. There are many changes in the movie that show a different experience for the audience. The movie adaptation of A Separate Piece has a less personal engagement between the characters and the audience as well as placing less importance on the events and characters. This creates a less interesting experience compared to the book version. The movie narrates in third-person, hence limiting the characters thoughts and their emotions. It also discards and gives less significance to the events and characters, resulting in the audience not experiencing the full depth of detail found in the novel.
The movie version does not create a personal feeling between the characters and the audience due to its use of third-person narration. All the characters are from the narrator’s point of view, which do not portray their feelings about the events happening around them, hence limiting their thoughts and their feelings are not expressed efficiently or entirely. For instance, in the movie during 37:28 to 37:32, Gene jounces the branch of the tree and makes Finny fall. His emotions of jealousy are not conveyed at that moment and he appears as a savage mindless person for hurting his best friend. Due to the use of third person narration, the viewer is unaware of the real feelings that…

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