Lighting Up The Dance Community Essay

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Lighting up the Dance Community

Let 's face it, technology in the 21st century has influenced an abounding number of things, from how we go about socialising with one another to the simplest tasks like online shopping. It is therefore no surprise that technology has also impacted the performing arts and managed to further integrate technology with the dance communities. Alas, people have witnessed such complexity through the use of technology in two contemporary pieces such as, Gideon Obarzaneks Mortal Engine and the fourth film of the Step Up franchise. First a recap of the new Step up 4 Revolution, it begins with a Miami newcomer, Emily. Emily dreams of becoming a professional dancer, but soon finds herself contemplating joining forces with someone she loves, Sean and she could possibly lose everything or taking the safe road and possibly losing Sean. In the end, she chooses to join Sean. The scene that will be analytically analysed is the Gallery Scene. The technical side of the Gallery Scene consists of a vast range of lighting choices as during the fourth scene in the film, there are a group of dancers performing a hip-hop piece as the lighting behind the dancers performs in unison to the beat projected by blue waved algorithms. Later on in the Gallery Scene, it shows an extract where again, there is a group of dancers but the dancers this time are using props to enhance the scene while the lighting is randomly showing up in a strobed spotlight. The use of…

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