Business Ethics Case Study: Light Manufacturing Company

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I believe that Mia’s decision to accept the commission would be unethical because she is falsifying information for the purpose of becoming financially secure. First, Mia is taking a bias stance and withholding important information on the analysis since she is receiving a commission from her coworker. She knows that she should provide an honest analysis for the company, but because she needs the money, she will show a false analysis. Second, Mia is wrongfully taking money in an illegal situation. Mia is taking a bribe from her coworker so that they can both make more money on the side. This is illegal and very risky for the company. Such actions could leave Mia and her coworker with harsh consequences such as job loss, fines, or jail time. Finally, she is putting Hardee at risk by showing a false analysis for Light Manufacturing as a favorable choice for preferred vendor status. Mia is risking the reputation of Hardee since Light Manufacturing has failed the certification process to become a preferred vendor for the concerns of their ability to deliver on a reliable basis. Mia is also risking …show more content…
Mia should start by following the company’s established policies on unethical situations to solve her problem. If this does not solve the problem she can take some additional courses of action. First, Mia should discuss this issue with her supervisor, Ted. He will be able to help solve the problem by taking the appropriate courses of action. Second, Mia should contact an IMA Ethics Counselor to review other possible solutions and get a better understanding of these solutions. Finally, she should contact her attorney about the ethical problem. The attorney will be able to advise her on legal obligations and represent her if a problem should arise. By taking on these precautions, Mia will keep her job and reputation safe and have the satisfaction of knowing she handled the situation

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