Essay about Light For The World Is A Non Profit International Disability

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Light for the World is a non-profit international disability and development organization that strives to aid people who have an impediment or disability. They treat disabilities and empower individuals to become active member in society. Light of the World specializes in inclusive education, eye health, prevention of blindness, and community based rehabilitation; through these four concentrations, they aspire to change the world. They are currently engaged with multiple local, national, and international organizations that share the same goal. Among their many partners, Light for the World works in conjunction with Sightsavers and Christian Blind Mission, two non-profits that specialize in fighting disabilities like blindness, cataracts, and many other physical impediments in the poorest areas of the world. According to Sightsavers, “there are 39 million blind people in the world, but 80 percent of blindness could be prevented or cured. That’s 31.2 million people who are blind when it could have been avoided” (Sightsavers, 2015). Therefore, Light for the World is committed in providing the best medical assistance to lower income members of developing countries. Currently, they provide their services in 14 different countries, Ethiopia among their top two. Light of the world reported that as of 2014, “1.28 million blind persons live in Ethiopia, [for which] every second case of blindness is due to cataract and could be easily addressed by surgery”…

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