Light Definitions Essay

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Forward biased LED-is a positive voltage that is applied to the P region and negative voltage to the N region, causing current to flow through the LED.
Incoherent light- out of phase photons that emitted from the junction with the PM and regions meet and are not in phase nor are they launched in the same direction.
Laser-the term laser is actually an acronym that stands for light amplification by stimulated emissions of radiation.
Output pattern- the output pattern or NA of the ways the light source relates to the energy coupled into the core of the optical fiber.
Output power-the output power of the light sources used in fiber optic Communication
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Operating wavelength- The wavelength at which a fiber-optic receiver is designed to operate. Typically, an operating wavelength includes a range of wavelengths above and below the stated wavelength.
Fiber-Optic Coupler- a device used in optical fiber systems with one or more input fibers and one or several output fibers.
Optomechanical Switch-redirects an optical signal by moving fiber or bulk optic elements by means of mechanical devices. These devices are typically stepper motor driven.
Optical Attenuator- is a passive device that is used to reduce the power level of an optical signal. It will allow a known source of power to be reduced by a predetermined factor usually expressed as decibels.
Optical Isolator- reduces the effects of interference-compromises elements that will permit only forward transmission of the light; it does not allow for any return beams in the fiber transmission routes or in the amplifiers.
Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) - A method of carrying multiple channels through a fiber at the same time (multiplexing) where signals within a small spectral range are transmitted at different wavelengths through the same optical-fiber cable.
Passive Optical Network- A passive optical network (PON) is a system that brings optical fiber cabling and signals all or most of the way to the end user. Depending on where the PON terminates, the

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