Essay about Lifting Weights

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8 May 2014
Natural God-given talent can only get an athlete so far. At some point they will need to realize that hard work will take them much further than talent ever could taking them. When an athlete trains during the off-season by lifting weights it helps him or her become physically ready for the season ahead. Without pre- training, showing up on the day of tryouts and hoping to be great and being able to do well is a horrible idea. A weight-lifting program is essential for any athlete to achieve top performance.
Weight lifting is important for several reasons. First and foremost it prepares an athlete’s body to endure the rigors of the physical sports. Typically athletes will experience an enhanced ability to
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This is all as a result of dedicated weight lifting.
Typically an athlete will experience an enhanced ability to perform their sport activities at an elevated level and also maintain a higher level of initial physical output all while being able to sustain those levels for longer periods of time. With competition being at such a high level, lifting helps athletes in many different ways. It helps them build as a person; most athletes do not have good lifting techniques until they work with experienced coaches. They learn proper technique and a variety of new exercises which helps them in their sports. Also the lifting helps them reach their potential growth or potential functional weight. Strength is sometimes not the goal but to maintain muscle is what is important to keep an athlete from getting injured. Also lifting builds team growth. Most athletes spend hours a day together so they get to know their teammates and create strong social bonds.
Lifting weights also helps reduce an athlete’s risk of injury. When an athlete has an injury, it usually is a broken bone or muscle and ligament strains. Muscles surround the bone and are attached to tendons. The stronger the muscle, the more it will complement the tendons, ligaments, and bones and make them stronger. Being physically fit allows injured athletes to recover quicker and enhances an

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