Lifetime Wellness: The Benefits Of Lifetime Wellness

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Lifetime wellness means to be both health mentally and physically. Basically when achieving lifetime wellness you need to understand how to take care of yourself. I feel that with wellness someone has to do things that they like or they enjoy in order to achieve the benefits. I believe that with wellness it is a more person matter on if someone wants to make a change and are willing to go out and make that change happen. Overall I find that in order to live long lives people must find their own routine where they are able to meet each dimension. The benefits can only be achieved when someone works on each of the dimensions of wellness that are important to everyone. In the physical dimension a person is trying to keep their body healthy to decrease the chance of getting sick from diseases that have to do with the heart or …show more content…
When someone achieves the ultimate physical wellness they are about the exert more energy in activities without being sore or being out of breath. It allows someone to live without the fear of catching a disease. In the social wellness dimension you are looking at how someone can keep up a relationship and how they can easily adapt to any situations with people. This dimension can be important when doing a job that requires you to interact with groups of people. The Intellectual wellness has to do with our brains being healthy and always wanting to learn more. It is important that we learn constantly to help deal with situations in life that require brain power. Naturally humans enjoy to break up information into groups or to organize them according to the data. Spiritual wellness is when you have a meaning in life when worshipping a supreme being. It gives an individual the feeling of being apart of something

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