Lifestyle theory Essay

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The chance of a women being raped, in most cases, has a high correlation with their lifestyle they choose to live. The lifestyle exposure theory can help explain the probability of a rape occurring. Where a women lives, the time of day she choose to travel, the type of transportation she uses, her economic statues, if she has any family obligation, and what type of societal and cultural constraints that are imposed on her all effect the type of lifestyle she lives. In turn affects how and what type of potential offenders she will come into contact with.
Victimization Type
There is a word in our vocabulary that can elicit an emotional and defensive stand in almost all people in our society- the word is rape. By just
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With the emergence of the lifestyle theory it pushed the past the bad karma of victim blaming and gave a better understanding of what type of relationships and or associations the victim had to the offender and vise versa in view of what their lifestyles were and the location of where the victimization took place (McGrath).
So a big question is how would one define a lifestyle? Hindelang, Gottfredson, and Garofalo defined a lifestyle, for the purpose of this theory, as “…as daily activities and leisure activities in which individuals participate on a routine basis”. It also includes the choices a person makes on their own freewill and those “imposed on by constraints”, such as societal structures and or cultural expectations. The main point of the lifestyle theory that Hindelang, Gottfredson, and Garofalo were making is that the more lifestyles a person places themselves in or are involved in they are also placing themselves in a closer range for potential offenders, which in turn makes them a more suitable target to be victimized (Hindelang, Gottfredson, Garofalo).
To expand on some of these lifestyle constraints the first that comes to mind is the societal expectation that are made of a person’s behavior.

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