Lifestyle Journalism And Its Impact On Society Essay

1063 Words May 26th, 2016 null Page
Journalism, according to likes of Altheide and Snow (1991), is dead. As society makes its way into the “post-journalism era” (Bolin, 2014, 338), more of the news is becoming saturated with sensationalism and with an influx of, according to Nguyen (2012), lifestyle journalism. Which is, as believed by Nguyen (2012) the entertainment oriented “marginalisation and trivialisation of public affairs” (Nguyen, 2012 p. 1), that is the catalyst in “...the ‘dumbing down’ of news” (Nguyen, 2012, p.1). For the past decades the blurring of entertainment and information has been on the rise (Fursich, 2012) so much so that it has cultivated the term ‘infotainment’. Although lifestyle journalism has perpetuated a negative image in the eyes of journalists, its popularity for its audiences in modern-day society is undeniable.. The reasoning behind this surge of lifestyle journalism is hotly debated, and the idea that lifestyle journalism has allowed for what may have been considered ‘less important’ news to be accessible by the public. No matter what Altheide and Snow (1991) might say, journalism is far from dead, in fact it has become larger than ever before, all that has changed is its content and the way it is being presented.
Lifestyle journalism has been a growing trend since the early 70s (Fursich, 2012). Travel journalism, with “...its dependency on free trips and giveaways...” (Fursich, 2012 p.15) is one of the earliest recognised forms of lifestyle journalism and “ the topic of…

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