Life 's Struggles : My Dad Essay

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Wendy Rodriguez

Mr. Null

English 1A

September 25, 2014

Life’s Struggles

From time to time we stumble upon struggles in life where we gain the strength to overcome the toughest obstacles we will ever face. Struggles are a part of life and they are inevitable. Although he has experienced many struggles throughout his life, Ernesto Rodriguez, my dad, believes that those struggles are what changed his outlook of life for the better. He has dealt with emotional and physical struggles in life that made him a stronger and better person. Learning to overcome these struggles were an important part of moving on in life. His three biggest struggles that made him a stronger person were dealing with an abusive father, leaving home, and having to accept a significant loss.

Growing up in a household where he was surrounded with alcohol abuse and domestic violence was not easy, but it is what pushed him to leave and search for better opportunities. He remembers how his father would humiliate his mother with words that would make anyone feel worthless. He remembers how his father would refer to his mom as in “stupid” and “good for nothing” throughout many years. When his father would drink the violence became physical and unbearable. His father would beat them with whatever was in sight, and if the mother would speak out it would get worse. He remembered when he was around age 10 his father had just gotten home and he was walking unsteadily it was the first time he saw his mother’s…

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