Life 's Not Fair One Day Essay

1018 Words Mar 10th, 2016 5 Pages
I believe that life 's not fair one day it will be perfect and the next could be the worst you never know. I had just finished my last day of skiing in winter park Colorado where it was a blaming 60 degrees and just to think I still had to sit in a car for 10 hours with my mom and dad yelling at each other about what time we will get home and who 's taking us to school tomorrow. All I wanted was to come home and see Lulu and Abby hopping around without a care and Domino just sitting in the corner not wanting to deal with any of it. My eyes and face where enthusiastic all I could think about was Being mowleled by Abby as I opened the door. My sister and I jumped out of the car right as we got in the driveway I sprinted over to the door opening it viciously as my dogs came running to the door but when I stepped inside it was only Lulu and Domino who ran over to my feet. I looked for Abby but when I found her she was panting trying to walk over to me but every a couple of steps she would collapse and trying and get back up my brother sister and I shot my dad a look of worry and we asked what was going on and he didn 't have a answer our lives where just flipped up side down. My mom had to go back to Colorado that night for her work and in the morning my dad was going to go to the vet and she what was bothering Abby. He brought Abby into the vet while Megan and I were at school and Matt drove back to Mizzou my dad texted Megan and I during class and said it doesn 't look so…

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