Life 's A Fight - Original Writing Essay

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Life’s a Fight I still remember the day I meet him; it was a hot and sunny day. our first class had ended, and I was putting away my Spanish class notebook. Suddenly, I see the principle coming through our class room door, but he was not alone. Behind him, there was twelve-year-old boy. His skin was light brown, dark hair, and with a friendly face. By the look he had on his face, you could tell this wasn’t his first time being the new kid. To be honest, I didn’t like something about him. Who would of though he would become mi best friend, and that seven years had passed since that day.

Sergio A. Chaparro was the kind of kid that would never show his sadness. Instead he would always have a big smile in his face. During middle school all we did was play like little kid, and are biggest hobby was playing an online games called Fiesta Online (gamingo). Little did I know, that for him it wasn’t just a game, it was more of a portal that helped him scape reality. One day we were walking to his house, when suddenly we see a little Chihuahua running and barking at us. It was funny how a dog that was smaller than foot was trying to intimidate us. Well, it was funny until I turned around and saw Sergio climbing a tree. At first I thought he was a scary cat, but then I realized that people act differently, and that their attitude is shaped by the experiences you had throughout your life. He told me how he got bit on his leg by a big dog when he was little, and he even showed me…

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