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Forever In Debt When Jamaica received its independence from Great Britain in 1962, it had all the essentials of being a new and strong country except for finances. Knowing the newly formed country of Jamaica couldn’t strive and succeed without financial help, Michael Manley (Jamaica’s prime minister at the time) made a few deals with the IMF (International Monetary Fund) to borrow funds so the country can slowly begin to grow and survive on its own. The documentary Life and Debt directed by

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This was especially done with the explanation of the free zones throughout the movie.
The intended audience for the movie Life and Debt is the average tourist. The movie always said things like “You” (Referring to the tourists) land at the clean and nice airport in Montego Bay not the rougher airport in Kingston, Jamaica. This meaning that the airport tourists land in is much nicer and safer than the one in Kingston. There’s parts where it says “You” are at the tourist resort having fun and participating in beer chugging contests, while just outside the tourist resort there are Jamaican families struggling to find food to survive. The scene with the tourists chugging beer and not having any worries is also a good visual argument. It makes you think that the tourists don’t even care about anything; they just wanted to drink and have fun all day. The message trying to be sent out by the narrator is that the tourists who come and visit Jamaica only see the good and fun things of the country, never do they really get to witness or see the bad and ugly that goes on just outside their resorts. This way the tourists don’t think that there is anything to worry about. Then the movie showed scenes from villages and areas outside the resorts where if seen a person’s opinion might dramatically change about Jamaica. For example, in one scene a bus full of tourists passed a little
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