Life Without Religion Essay

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A Better Life Without Religion

Imagine there 's no countries 
It isn 't hard to do 
Nothing to kill or die for 
And no religion too 
Imagine all the people 
Living life in peace
John Lennon even said it in his famous lyrics from Imagine. “And no religion too”. But what if there really was no Religion. There would be less war, possibly less death and less families being torn apart. The controlling of humans by religion would not exist and society would have less discrimination towards all people. All these reasons exhibit examples of why the world would be a better place, without religion. Religion is the root cause of wars. The Lebanese Civil War, The Crusades, The First and Second Sudanese Civil war, The Nigerian Civil War, and French wars of religion are just some of the examples proven the have religion has been the main cause of the war. Now we see in Islam there is the concept of Jihad, or “Holy war”. The word Jihad has been used to describe warfare, in the expansion and defence of islamic territory. The 9/11 attacks on the
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Some of these factors include it causes war, death, and separation of families. Its controlled by humans and our society has no need for it anymore. But many people are brought up by religion. Brought up to learn to love god, and honour the traditions of their families. These people find religion comforting and find it a passion that they can have. Flaws with this is, people become too passionate about things. Like I said earlier, if you believe something without evidence you find it harder to give up. Believing in something with evidence is easier to give up on because you can take in to account the contrary evidence. Religious faith is believing in something with no evidence. Becoming to passionate about religion can cause their view of the outside world to be misguided, which can be harmful. In conclusion, the world would be improved without

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