Growing Up With My Parents Research Paper

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When I was a little girl, I grew up with my parents being divorced. Not once did it ever bother me emotionally, but I did find myself wondering why was it that my parents had to be separated compared to other people’s parents. I lived with my father for two years. I soon ended up going to live with my mother. Life was always easy with her and quite memorable. I never imagined life without my mother. I had always pictured in my mind the rest of my childhood would be with her. I never once though a total stranger could even come close to separating me from my mother. I was wrong. Knowing how close my mother and I were and knowing she was all I really had since my relationship with my farther had ended. Though we never stopped talking, he never seemed to take much interest in raising me. I lived with my mom until I was twelve. She ended up meeting a man and she chose him over my two sisters and me. The man my mother chose wanted her all to himself; having no desire for me or any of my …show more content…
Since living with my grandparents, I have learned that sometimes we are put in certain situations for a reason. Neither of my parents contact me often. Sometimes I feel I have many reasons to not make something out of my life. I was very disappointed in the way things turned out . In a way it makes me stronger because I want to show my parents that no matter what I could make something out of myself whether or nit if they were in my life . I don’t hate my parents for what they did, but that doesn’t mean I have to let them in my life. I don’t owe them anything except for respect. Being in my senior year, I realize that I do not have much longer before I start a life for myself. I have a whole future ahead of me and I have to make the best I can out of it in order to succeed in life. I find myself staring at the walls quite often wanting to give up, but I know one day everything will be

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