Life Without Music Essay

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A World without Music Music is a form of intimate art that has been on the earth since the beginning of time. Theologians have even gone as far as to state that music is one of the gifts that God himself gave unto the earth, for the people during the creation of the earth, which is supported by a scholarly book titled Church Music and Protestantism in Post-Reformation England, where the author talks about the use of music in the church and how “it was ‘the excellent invention and gift of God” (Pg.2). It appears to be a fact that every civilization of people even those belonging to indigenous tribes have two things in common; we/they all have some sort of language, and we/they all have music in some form. There was music through history, from …show more content…
A life without TV, radio, or any other form of recorded music would mean that I would I would not be able to listen to other great organist all around the world anytime that I wanted to, I would no longer be able to learn new techniques from other organist anytime I wanted through the convenience of YouTube. I would not even be able to listen to all the wonderful works put together all throughout history by hundreds of famous church musicians/composers since the beginning of time from the comfort of my own home or the classroom. Not having TV, Radio and other recorded technologies would mean that myself and others would have to go to places like the Kimmel center or and opera house in order to hear the wonderful works of composers/musicians, everything would have to be done in a live setting, similar to the Renaissance period where all music was heard at a live setting, which for them would have been either the church, the courthouse, or possible the street corner where a performing musician might perform. Music’s function in the Renaissance was mainly centered around the church, with less emphasis being placed on secular music, while in modern times music as stated before, has become an art of many forms; ranging from Rock and Roll and Metal to Gospel, Rap and Hip-Hop and Jazz. For me personally though, church music like those of the Middle Ages, is what I put my focus on. As a musician, it is the church music that I love the most, which makes me feel in a way like a contemporary Renaissance

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